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behoofn. [OE. to bihove for the use of, AS. behf advantage, a word implied in behflīc necessary; akin to Sw. behof, Dan. behov, G. behuf, and E. heave, the root meaning to seize, hence the meanings “to hold, make use of.” See Heave, v. t.].
     Advantage; profit; benefit; interest; use.  [1913 Webster]
    "No mean recompense it brings
    To your behoof.
    "  [1913 Webster]


behoof, n. archaic (prec. by to, for, on; foll. by of) benefit; advantage.

OE behof



advantage, avail, behalf, benefit, benison, blessing, boon, convenience, gain, good, interest, percentage, point, profit, service, use, value, welfare, well-being, world of good, worth




N good, benefit, advantage, improvement, greatest good, supreme good, interest, service, behoof, behalf, weal, main chance, summum bonum, common weal, consummation devoutly to be wished, gain, boot, profit, harvest, boon, good turn, blessing, world of good, piece of good luck, piece of good fortune, nuts, prize, windfall, godsend, waif, treasure-trove, good fortune, happiness, goodness, utility, remedy, pleasure giving, commendable, useful, good, beneficial, well, aright, satisfactorily, favorably, not amis, all for the best, to one's advantage, in one's favor, in one's interest, so far so good, magnum bonum.

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