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bathymetryn. [Gr. ba`qos depth + -metry.].
     The art or science of sounding, or measuring depths in the sea.  [1913 Webster]



altimetry, aquiculture, bathometry, biometrics, biometry, cadastration, cartography, chorography, craniometry, depth sounding, echo sounding, echolocation, fathomage, fathoming, geodesy, geodetics, goniometry, hydrography, hypsography, hypsometry, marine biology, mensuration, metrology, oceanography, planimetry, psychometrics, psychometry, sonar, sounding, soundings, stereometry, surveying, thalassography, topography, water




N depth, deepness, profundity, depression, hollow, pit, shaft, well, crater, gulf, bowels of the earth, botttomless pit, hell, soundings, depth of water, water, draught, submersion, plummet, sound, probe, sounding rod, sounding line, lead, bathymetry, sonar, side-looking sonar, bathometer, deep, deep seated, profound, sunk, buried, submerged, subaqueous, submarine, subterranean, subterraneous, subterrene, underground, bottomless, soundless, fathomless, unfathomed, unfathomable, abysmal, deep as a well, bathycolpian, benthal, benthopelagic, downreaching, yawning, knee deep, ankle deep, beyond one's depth, out of one's depth, over head and ears, mark twine, mark twain.

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