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basic training



basic training

apprenticeship, arrangement, breaking, breeding, briefing, clearing the decks, conditioning, cultivation, development, discipline, drill, drilling, equipment, exercise, familiarization, fetching-up, fixing, fostering, foundation, grooming, groundwork, housebreaking, improvement, in-service training, makeready, making ready, manual training, manufacture, military training, mobilization, nurture, nurturing, on-the-job training, planning, practice, prearrangement, preliminaries, preliminary, preliminary act, preliminary step, prep, preparation, preparatory study, preparing, prepping, prerequisite, pretreatment, processing, propaedeutic, provision, raising, readying, rearing, rehearsal, sloyd, spadework, training, treatment, trial, tryout, upbringing, vocational education, vocational training, warm-up

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