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barristern. [From Bar, n.].
     Counselor at law; a counsel admitted to plead at the bar, and undertake the public trial of causes, as distinguished from an attorney or solicitor. See Attorney.  [1913 Webster]


barrister, n. (in full barrister-at-law)
1 Brit. a person called to the bar and entitled to practise as an advocate in the higher courts.
2 US a lawyer.

16th c.: f. BAR(1), perh. after minister



advocate, agent, amicus curiae, attorney, attorney-at-law, barrister-at-law, counsel, counselor, counselor-at-law, deputy, friend at court, intercessor, lawyer, legal adviser, legal counselor, legal expert, legal practitioner, legalist, mouthpiece, pleader, proctor, procurator, sea lawyer, self-styled lawyer, solicitor




N lawyer, attorney, legal counsel, counsel, counsellor, counsellor at law, attorney at law, jurist, legist, civilian, pundit, publicist, juris consult, legal adviser, advocate, barrister, barrister at law, King's or Queen's counsel, K, C, Q, C, silk gown, leader, sergeant-at-law, bencher, tubman, judge, bar, legal profession, bar association, association of trial lawyers, officer of the court, gentleman of the long robe, junior bar, outer bar, inner bar, equity draftsman, conveyancer, pleader, special pleader, solicitor, proctor, notary, notary public, scrivener, cursitor, writer, writer to the signet, S, S, C, limb of the law, pettifogger, vakil, legal beagle, legal secretary, legal assistant, law student, learned in the law, at the bar, forensic, esquire, esquired, banco regis.

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