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Adjective, Noun


baritonea. & n. 
baritonea. [Gr. bary`tonos; bary`s heavy + to`nos tone.].
  •  Grave and deep, as a kind of male voice.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Not marked with an accent on the last syllable, the grave accent being understood.  [1913 Webster]
baritonen. [F. baryton: cf. It. baritono.].
  •  A male voice, the compass of which partakes of the common bass and the tenor, but which does not descend as low as the one, nor rise as high as the other.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A word which has no accent marked on the last syllable, the grave accent being understood.  [1913 Webster]


baritone, n. & adj.
1 a the second-lowest adult male singing voice. b a singer with this voice. c a part written for it.
2 a an instrument that is second-lowest in pitch in its family. b its player.
--adj. of the second-lowest range.

It. baritono f. Gk barutonos f. barus heavy + tonos TONE



Heldentenor, Meistersinger, accompaniment, alpenhorn, alphorn, althorn, alto, alto horn, aria singer, ballad horn, baritenor, bass, bass horn, bass viol, basso, basso buffo, basso cantante, basso continuo, basso ostinato, basso profundo, bassus, blues singer, brass choir, brass wind, brass-wind instrument, brasses, bravura, bugle, bugle horn, canary, cantatrice, canto, cantor, cantus, cantus figuratus, cantus planus, caroler, chanter, chantress, choral, choric, clarion, coloratura, coloratura soprano, comic bass, continuo, contralto, cornet, cornet-a-pistons, corno di caccia, cornopean, countertenor, crooner, deep, deep bass, deep-echoing, deep-pitched, deep-toned, deepmouthed, descant, descant viol, diva, double-bell euphonium, dramatic, dramatic soprano, drone, euphonium, falsetto, figured bass, grave, ground bass, heavy, helicon, heroic, heroic tenor, hollow, horn, hunting horn, hymnal, hymner, improvisator, key trumpet, lead singer, lieder singer, line, liturgical, lituus, low, low-pitched, lur, lyric, mellophone, melodist, mezzo-soprano, opera singer, operatic, ophicleide, orchestral horn, part, plain chant, plain song, pocket trumpet, post horn, prick song, prima donna, psalm singer, psalmic, psalmodial, psalmodic, rebec, rock-and-roll singer, sackbut, sacred, saxhorn, saxtuba, sepulchral, serpent, singer, singing, singstress, slide trombone, sliphorn, songbird, songster, songstress, soprano, sousaphone, tenor, tenor tuba, tenor viol, thorough bass, torch singer, treble, treble viol, tromba, tromba marina, trombone, trumpet, trumpet marine, tuba, undersong, valve trombone, valve trumpet, vielle, viol, viol family, viola bastarda, viola da braccio, viola da gamba, viola da spalla, viola di bordone, viola di fagotto, viola pomposa, violette, vocal, vocalist, vocalizer, voice, voice part, warbler, yodeler




N resonance, ring, ringing, tintinabulation, reflexion, reflection, reverberation, echo, reecho, zap, zot, buzz (hiss), low note, base note, bass note, flat note, grave note, deep note, bass, basso, basso profondo, baritone, barytone, contralto, echo chamber, resonator, tinnitus, bell, doorbell, buzzer, gong, cymbals (musical instruments), sympathetic vibrations, natural frequency, coupled vibration frequency, overtone, resonating cavity, sounding board, tuning fork, tuning, squelch, frequency selection, resonator, resonator circuit, radio resonant structure, aromaticity, alternating double bonds, non-bonded resonance, pi clouds, unsaturation, double bond, (valence), resounding, resonant, reverberant, tinnient, tintinnabulary, sonorous, booming, deep-toned, deep-sounding, deep-mouthed, vibrant, hollow, sepulchral, gruff, sweet bells jangled, out of time and harsh, echoing down the mountain and through the dell.

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