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     A musical wind instrument, now used chiefly in the Highlands of Scotland.  [1913 Webster]
    " It consists of a leather bag, which receives the air by a tube that is stopped by a valve; and three sounding pipes, into which the air is pressed by the performer. Two of these pipes produce fixed tones, namely, the bass, or key tone, and its fifth, and form together what is called the drone; the third, or chanter, gives the melody."  [1913 Webster]
bagpipev. t. 
     To make to look like a bagpipe.  [1913 Webster]
To bagpipe the mizzen (Naut.), to lay it aback by bringing the sheet to the mizzen rigging. Totten.


bagpipe, n. (usu. in pl.) a musical instrument consisting of a windbag connected to two kinds of reeded pipes: drone pipes which produce single sustained notes and a fingered melody pipe or 'chanter'.

bagpiper n.

Also see definition of "bagpipe" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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