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backlashn. [Back, adv. + lash.].
  •  The distance through which one part of connected machinery, as a wheel, piston, or screw, can be moved without moving the connected parts, resulting from looseness in fitting or from wear; also, the jarring or reflex motion caused in badly fitting machinery by irregularities in velocity or a reverse of motion.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A strong and sudden reverse movement in a moving part of a machine.  [PJC]
  •  A strong popular reaction serving to counter the effect of an action; -- used especially of adverse reactions to social or political developments.  [PJC]


backlash, n.
1 an excessive or marked adverse reaction.
2 a a sudden recoil or reaction between parts of a mechanism. b excessive play between such parts.



antagonism, antipathy, backfire, backlashing, backwash, boomerang, bounce, bounce back, bound, carom, clashing, clout, collision, conflict, confutation, contradiction, contraposition, contrariety, contrecoup, counteraction, counterposition, counterworking, crankiness, crotchetiness, dissent, force, friction, impact, impress, impression, imprint, interference, kick, kick back, kickback, mark, nonconformity, opposition, opposure, oppugnance, oppugnancy, perverseness, print, reaction, rebound, rebuff, recalcitrance, recalcitration, recoil, reflex, renitency, repercussion, repugnance, repulse, resilience, resistance, response, revolt, ricochet, spring, swimming upstream

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