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     In an ample manner.  [1913 Webster]



abundantly, acceptably, acutely, adequately, admissibly, agreeably, amazingly, appropriately, astonishingly, awesomely, becomingly, broadly, commensurately, competently, conspicuously, copiously, eminently, emphatically, enough, exceptionally, expansively, exquisitely, extensively, extraordinarily, exuberantly, famously, fittingly, fully, generously, glaringly, greatly, impressively, incredibly, intensely, largely, lavishly, liberally, magically, magnanimously, magnificently, markedly, marvelously, minimally, nobly, notably, particularly, passably, peculiarly, pointedly, preeminently, profusely, prominently, pronouncedly, properly, remarkably, richly, right, satisfactorily, satisfyingly, signally, singularly, splendidly, strikingly, substantially, sufficiently, suitably, superlatively, surpassingly, surprisingly, tolerably, uncommonly, unstintingly, unusually, well, widely, wonderfully, wondrous, worthily




VB be sufficient, suffice, do, just do, satisfy, pass muster, have enough, eat, one's fill, drink one's fill, have one's fill, roll in, swim in, wallow in, wanton, abound, exuberate, teem, flow, stream, rain, shower down, pour, pour in, swarm, bristle with, superabound, render sufficient, replenish, Adj, sufficient, enough, adequate, up to the mark, commensurate, competent, satisfactory, valid, tangible, measured, moderate, full, ample, plenty, plentiful, plenteous, plenty as blackberries, copious, abundant, abounding, replete, enough and to spare, flush, choke-full, chock-full, well-stocked, well- provided, liberal, unstinted, unstinting, stintless, without stint, unsparing, unmeasured, lavish, wholesale, rich, luxuriant, affluent, wantless, big with, unexhausted, unwasted, exhaustless, inexhaustible, Adv, sufficiently, amply.

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