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amianthusn. [L. amiantus, Gr. (lit., unsoiled stone) a greenish stone, like asbestus; 'a priv. + to stain, to defile; so called from its incombustibility.].
     Earth flax, or mountain flax; a soft silky variety of asbestus.  [1913 Webster]


amianthus, n. (also amiantus) any fine silky-fibred variety of asbestos.

L f. Gk amiantos undefiled f. a- not + miaino defile, i.e. purified by fire, being incombustible: for -h- cf. AMARANTH




N refrigeration, infrigidation, reduction of temperature, cooling, congelation, conglaciation, ice, solidification, ice box (refrigerator), extincteur, fire annihilator, amianth, amianthus, earth- flax, mountain-flax, flexible asbestos, fireman, fire brigade (incombustibility), incombustibility, incombustibleness, (insulation), air conditioning, central air conditioning, air conditioner, fan, attic fan, dehumidifier, cooled, frozen out, cooling, frigorific.


N insulation, fire extinction, insulation, incombustible material, noncombustible material, fire retardant, flame retardant, fire wall, fire door, incombustibility, incombustibleness, extincteur, fire annihilator, amianth, amianthus, earth-flax, mountain-flax, asbestos, fireman, fire fighter, fire eater, fire department, fire brigade, engine company, pumper, fire truck, hook and ladder, aerial ladder, bucket, fire hose, fire hydrant, backfire, firebreak, trench, aerial water bombardment, wet blanket, fire extinguisher, soda and acid extinguisher, dry chemical extinguisher, CO-two extinguisher, carbon tetrachloride, foam, sprinklers, automatic sprinkler system, fire bucket, sand bucket, fire alarm, evacuation alarm, fire code, fire regulations, fire, fire inspector, code violation, citation, incombustible, nonflammable, uninflammable, unflammable, fireproof, fight fire with fire.

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