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1 in 1 verses (in NT : 1 in 1 verses)


ambassadorn. [See Embassador.].
  •  A minister of the highest rank sent to a foreign court to represent there his sovereign or country.  [1913 Webster]
    " Ambassadors are either ordinary [or resident] or extraordinary, that is, sent upon some special or unusual occasion or errand."  Abbott.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An official messenger and representative.  [1913 Webster]


ambassador, n.
1 an accredited diplomat sent by a State on a mission to, or as its permanent representative in, a foreign country.
2 a representative or promoter of a specified thing (an ambassador of peace).

ambassador-at-large US an ambassador with special duties, not appointed to a particular country.
ambassadorial adj. ambassadorship n.
ME f. F ambassadeur f. It. ambasciator, ult. f. L ambactus servant



agent, ambassadress, apostolic delegate, attache, career diplomat, chancellor, charge, commercial attache, consul, consul general, consular agent, delegate, deputy, diplomat, diplomatic, diplomatic agent, diplomatist, emissary, envoy, envoy extraordinary, foreign service officer, internuncio, legate, messenger, military attache, minister, minister plenipotentiary, minister resident, nuncio, plenipotentiary, representative, resident, secretary of legation, vice-consul, vice-legate




N consignee, trustee, nominee, committee, agent, delegate, commissary, commissioner, emissary, envoy, commissionaire, messenger, diplomatist, diplomat, diplomate, corps diplomatique, embassy, ambassador, embassador, representative, resident, consul, legate, nuncio, internuncio, charge d'affaires, attache, vicegerent, plenipotentiary, functionary, placeman, curator, treasurer, factor, bailiff, clerk, secretary, attorney, advocate, solicitor, proctor, broker, underwriter, commission agent, auctioneer, one's man of business, factotum, caretaker, dalal, dubash, garnishee, gomashta, negotiator, go-between, middleman, under agent, employe, servant, referee, arbitrator, traveler, bagman, commis-voyageur, touter, commercial traveler, drummer, traveling man, newspaper correspondent, own correspondent, special correspondent.


N messenger, envoy, emissary, legate, nuncio, internuncio, ambassador, marshal, flag bearer, herald, crier, trumpeter, bellman, pursuivant, parlementaire, apparitor, courier, runner, dak, estafette, Mercury, Iris, Ariel, commissionaire, errand boy, chore boy, newsboy, mail, overnight mail, express mail, next-day delivery, post, post office, letter bag, delivery service, United Parcel Service, UPS, Federal Express, Fedex, telegraph, telephone, cable, wire (electronic information transmission), carrier pigeon, (news) 532 reporter, gentleman of the press, representative of the press, penny-a-liner, special correspondent, own correspondent, spy, scout, informer.

Also see definition of "ambassador" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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