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amalgamn. [F. amalgame, prob. fr. L. malagma, Gr. ma`lagma, emollient, plaster, poultice, fr. mala`ssein to make soft, fr. malako`s soft.].
  •  An alloy of mercury with another metal or metals; as, an amalgam of tin, bismuth, etc.  [1913 Webster]
    " Medalists apply the term to soft alloys generally."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A mixture or compound of different things.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A native compound of mercury and silver.  [1913 Webster]
amalgamv. t. & i. [Cf. F. amalgamer].
     To amalgamate.  Boyle. B. Jonson.  [1913 Webster]


amalgam, n.
1 a mixture or blend.
2 an alloy of mercury with one or more other metals, used esp. in dentistry.

ME f. F amalgame or med.L amalgama f. Gk malagma an emollient



admixture, alloy, alloyage, amalgamation, blend, combination, combo, commixture, composite, composition, compound, concoction, confection, ensemble, fusion, immixture, interfusion, intermixture, magma, mix, mixture, paste




N mixture, admixture, commixture, commixtion, commixion, intermixture, alloyage, matrimony, junction, combination, miscegenation, impregnation, infusion, diffusion suffusion, transfusion, infiltration, seasoning, sprinkling, interlarding, interpolation, adulteration, sophistication, tinge, tincture, touch, dash, smack, sprinkling, spice, seasoning, infusion, soupcon, alloy, amalgam, brass, chowchow, pewter, magma, half-and-half, melange, tertium quid, miscellany, ambigu, medley, mess, hotchpot, pasticcio, patchwork, odds and ends, all sorts, jumble, salad, sauce, mash, omnium gatherum, gallimaufry, olla-podrida, olio, salmagundi, potpourri, Noah's ark, caldron texture, mingled yarn, mosaic, half-blood, half-caste, mulatto, terceron, quarteron, quinteron, quadroon, octoroon, griffo, zambo, cafuzo, Eurasian, fustee, fustie, griffe, ladino, marabou, mestee, mestizo, quintroon, sacatra zebrule, catalo, cross, hybrid, mongrel, mixed, implex, composite, half-and-half, linsey-woolsey, chowchow, hybrid, mongrel, heterogeneous, motley, miscellaneous, promiscuous, indiscriminate, miscible, among, amongst, amid, amidst, with, in the midst of, in the crowd.


N combination, mixture, junction, union, unification, synthesis, incorporation, amalgamation, embodiment, coalescence, crasis, fusion, blending, absorption, centralization, alloy, compound, amalgam, composition, tertium quid, resultant, impregnation, combined, impregnated with, ingrained, imbued inoculated.

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