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am (root: be)


Noun, Verb (usu participle)
1316 in 1183 verses (in OT : 916 in 839 verses) (in NT : 400 in 344 verses)


am,  [AS. am, eom, akin to Gothic im, Icel. em, Olr. am, Lith. esmi, L. sum., Gr. , Zend ahmi, Skr. asmi, fr. a root as to be. . See Are, and cf. Be, Was.].
     The first person singular of the verb be, in the indicative mode, present tense. See Be.  [1913 Webster]
    "God said unto Moses, I am that am."  [1913 Webster]


am, abbr.
1 amplitude modulation.
2 US Master of Arts.
3 Member of the Order of Australia.

(sense 2) L artium Magister
am, symb. Chem. the element americium.

am, 1st person sing. present of BE.



Ack Emma, FM, PM, amplitude modulation, ante meridiem, double sideband, foreday, forenoon, grey-eyed morn, incense-breathing morn, matins, modulation, morn, morning, morning time, morntime, side frequency, sideband, this AM, this morning, waking time

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