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altruismn. [F. altruisme (a word of Comte's), It. altrui of or to others, fr. L. alter another.].
     Regard for others, both natural and moral; devotion to the interests of others; brotherly kindness; -- opposed to egoism or selfishness.  J. S. Mill.  [1913 Webster]


altruism, n.
1 regard for others as a principle of action.
2 unselfishness; concern for other people.

altruist n. altruistic adj. altruistically adv.
F altruisme f. It. altrui somebody else (infl. by L alter other)



BOMFOG, Benthamism, Christian charity, Christian love, agape, beneficence, benevolence, benevolent disposition, benevolentness, bigheartedness, brotherly love, caritas, charitableness, charity, commitment, consecration, dedication, devotion, disinterest, disinterestedness, do-goodism, flower power, generosity, giving, goodwill, grace, greatheartedness, humaneness, humanitarianism, humanity, humility, largeheartedness, love, love of mankind, modesty, philanthropism, philanthropy, sacrifice, self-abasement, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-devotion, self-effacement, self-forgetfulness, self-immolation, self-neglect, self-neglectfulness, self-renouncement, self-sacrifice, self-subjection, selflessness, unacquisitiveness, unpossessiveness, unselfishness, utilitarianism, welfarism, well-disposedness




N disinterestedness, generosity, liberality, liberalism, altruism, benevolence, elevation, loftiness of purpose, exaltation, magnanimity, chivalry, chivalrous spirit, heroism, sublimity, self-denial, self-abnegation, self-sacrifice, self-immolation, self-control, stoicism, devotion, martyrdom, suttee, labor of love, disinterested, unselfish, self-denying, self-sacrificing, self- devoted, generous, handsome, liberal, noble, broad-minded, noble-minded, high-minded, princely, great, high, elevated, lofty, exalted, spirited, stoical, magnanimous, great-hearted, large-hearted, chivalrous, heroic, sublime, unbought, unbribed, uncorrupted, non vobis solum.

Also see definition of "altruism" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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