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aloen. [L. aloë, Gr. 'alo`h, aloe: cf. OF. aloe, F. aloès.].
  •  The wood of the agalloch.  Wyclif.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A genus of succulent plants, some classed as trees, others as shrubs, but the greater number having the habit and appearance of evergreen herbaceous plants; from some of which are prepared articles for medicine and the arts. They are natives of warm countries.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The inspissated juice of several species of aloe, used as a purgative.  [1913 Webster]
American aloe, Century aloe, the agave. See Agave.


aloe, n.
1 any plant of the genus Aloe, usu. having toothed fleshy leaves.
2 (in pl.) (in full bitter aloes) a strong laxative obtained from the bitter juice of various species of aloe.
3 (also American aloe) an agave native to Central America.

OE al(e)we f. L aloe f. Gk

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