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Verb (intransitive)


alludev. i. [L. alludere to play with, to allude; ad + ludere to play.].
     To refer to something indirectly or by suggestion; to have reference to a subject not specifically and plainly mentioned; -- followed by to; as, the story alludes to a recent transaction.  [1913 Webster]
    "These speeches . . . do seem to allude unto such ministerial garments as were then in use."  [1913 Webster]
Syn. -- To refer; point; indicate; hint; suggest; intimate; signify; insinuate; advert. See Refer.
alludev. t. 
     To compare allusively; to refer (something) as applicable.  Wither.  [1913 Webster]


allude, v.intr. (foll. by to)
1 refer, esp. indirectly, covertly, or briefly to.
2 disp. mention.

L alludere (as AD-, ludere lus- play)

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