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allotropyn. [Gr. other + direction, way, to turn: cf. F. allotropie.].
     The property of existing in two or more conditions which are distinct in their physical or chemical relations.  [1913 Webster]
    " Thus, carbon occurs crystallized in octahedrons and other related forms, in a state of extreme hardness, in the diamond; it occurs in hexagonal forms, and of little hardness, in black lead; and again occurs in a third form, with entire softness, in lampblack and charcoal. In some cases, one of these is peculiarly an active state, and the other a passive one. Thus, ozone is an active state of oxygen, and is distinct from ordinary oxygen, which is the element in its passive state."  [1913 Webster]


allotropy, n. the existence of two or more different physical forms of a chemical element.

allotropic adj. allotropical adj.
Gk allotropos of another form f. allos different + tropos manner f. trepo to turn



Proteus, allotropism, diversification, diversity, her infinite variety, heterogeneity, heteromorphism, manifoldness, multifariousness, multiplicity, nonuniformity, omnifariousness, omniformity, polymorphism, shapeshifter, variation, variegation, variety

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