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Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive)


alignv. t. [F. aligner; à (L. ad) + ligne (L. linea) line. See Line, and cf. Allineate.].
     To adjust or form to a line; to range or form in line; to bring into line; to aline.  [1913 Webster]
alignv. t. 
     To form in line; to fall into line.  [1913 Webster]


align, v.tr.
1 put in a straight line or bring into line (three books were neatly aligned on the shelf).
2 esp. Polit. (usu. foll. by with) bring (oneself etc.) into agreement or alliance with (a cause, policy, political party, etc.).

alignment n.
F aligner f. phr. {agrave} ligne into line: see LINE(1)



act with, adjust, align with, allocate, allot, apportion, array, bank, collimate, collineate, collocate, compose, correspond, deal, deal out, dispose, distribute, equalize, equate, equidistance, even, fell, fix, flatten, flock to, flush, follow, get together with, go along with, go in with, grade, join, join hands with, join up with, join with, lay, lay down, lay flat, lay level, lay low, lay out, level, line, line up, line up with, marshal, match, parallelize, parcel out, place, place parallel to, rally, rally round, range, range with, rank, rase, raze, realign, regiment, regulate, roll, roll flat, row, set out, side with, smooth, smooth out, smoothen, space, stand in with, steamroll, steamroller, strike in with, string along with, string out, swing in with, take part with, take sides with, team up with, throw in with, unite with

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