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Adjective, Noun


     Pertaining to or designating the most extensive of the linguistic families of North American Indians, their territory formerly including practically all of Canada east of the 115th meridian and south of Hudson's Bay and the part of the United States east of the Mississippi and north of Tennessee and Virginia, with the exception of the territory occupied by the northern Iroquoian tribes. There are nearly 100,000 Indians of the Algonquian tribes, of which the strongest are the Ojibwas (Chippewas), Ottawas, Crees, Algonquins, Micmacs, and Blackfeet.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


algonquian, adj. & n. (also Algonkian)
--adj. of or relating to a large group of N. American Indian tribes.
1 a member of any of these tribes.
2 any of the languages or dialects used by them.

Algonquin people + -IAN

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