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Preposition, Adverb


adownadv. [OE. adun, adoun, adune. AS. of dūne off the hill. See Down.].
     From a higher to a lower situation; downward; down, to or on the ground.  Spenser.  [1913 Webster]
     Down.  [1913 Webster]
    "Her hair adown her shoulders loosely lay displayed."  [1913 Webster]




N lowness, debasement, depression, prostration, depression, molehill, lowlands, basement floor, ground floor, rez de chaussee, cellar, hold, bilge, feet, heels, low water, low tide, ebb tide, neap tide, spring tide, low, neap, debased, nether, nether most, flat, level with the ground, lying low, crouched, subjacent, squat, prostrate, under, beneath, underneath, below, downwards, adown, at the foot of, under foot, under ground, down stairs, below stairs, at a low ebb, below par.

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