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Adjective, Noun


adiabatica. [Gr. not passable; 'a priv. + through + to go.].
     Not giving out or receiving heat.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]
    "The adiabatic expansion of carbon dioxide from a compressed container causes the temperature of the gas to decrease rapidly below its freezing point, resulting in the familiar carbon dioxide “snow” emitted by carbon dioxide fire extinguishers."  [PJC.]
Adiabatic line or curve, a curve exhibiting the variations of pressure and volume of a fluid when it expands without either receiving or giving out heat. Rankine.


adiabatic, adj. & n. Physics
1 impassable to heat.
2 occurring without heat entering or leaving the system.
--n. a curve or formula for adiabatic phenomena.

adiabatically adv.
Gk adiabatos impassable (as A-(1), diabaino pass)

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