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a priori

a pri=o=ri


a priori,  [L. a (ab) + prior former.].
  •  Characterizing that kind of reasoning which deduces consequences from definitions formed, or principles assumed, or which infers effects from causes previously known; deductive or deductively. The reverse of a posteriori.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Applied to knowledge and conceptions assumed, or presupposed, as prior to experience, in order to make experience rational or possible.  [1913 Webster]


a priori, adj. & adv.
1 (of reasoning) deductive; proceeding from causes to effects (opp. A POSTERIORI).
2 (of concepts, knowledge, etc.) logically independent of experience; not derived from experience (opp. EMPIRICAL).
3 not submitted to critical investigation (an a priori conjecture).
1 in an a priori manner.
2 as far as one knows; presumptively.

apriorism n.
L, = from what is before


a priori

a fortiori, a posteriori, analytic, back, backward, categorical, conditional, deducible, deductive, derivable, dialectic, discursive, dogmatic, early, enthymematic, epagogic, ex post facto, hypothetical, inductive, inferential, into the past, maieutic, reasoned, retroactive, retrospective, soritical, syllogistic, synthetic

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