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Was (root: be)


Verb (usu participle)


Wasv. [AS. wæs, 2d pers. w, 3d pers. wæs, pl. w, with the inf. wesan to be; akin to D. wezen, imp. was, OHG. wesan, imp. was, G. wesen, n., a being, essence, war was, Icel. vera to be, imp. var, Goth. wisan to be, to dwell, to remain, imp. was, Skr. vas to remain, to dwell. Vernacular, Wassail, Were, v.].
     The first and third persons singular of the verb be, in the indicative mood, preterit (imperfect) tense; as, I was; he was.  [1913 Webster]


Was, 1st & 3rd sing. past of BE.

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