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Tediumn. [L. taedium, fr. taedet it disgusts, it wearies one.].
     Irksomeness; wearisomeness; tediousness.  Cowper.  [1913 Webster]
    "To relieve the tedium, he kept plying them with all manner of bams."  [1913 Webster]
    "The tedium of his office reminded him more strongly of the willing scholar, and his thoughts were rambling."  [1913 Webster]


Tedium, n. the state of being tedious; boredom.

L taedium f. taedere to weary



n. Ennui, the state or condition of one that is bored. Many fanciful derivations of the word have been affirmed, but so high an authority as Father Jape says that it comes from a very obvious source -- the first words of the ancient Latin hymn _Te Deum Laudamus_. In this apparently natural derivation there is something that saddens.



alliteration, angst, anguish, anxiety, assonance, banality, boredom, changelessness, cheerlessness, chime, colorlessness, dingdong, discomfort, discomposure, discontent, dislike, displeasure, disquiet, dissatisfaction, doldrums, drabness, dread, dreariness, drone, dullness, emptiness, ennui, existential woe, flatness, grimness, harping, humdrum, inquietude, insipidity, insipidness, invariability, irksomeness, jingle, jingle-jangle, joylessness, lack of pleasure, long-windedness, malaise, monotone, monotony, nausea, near rhyme, nongratification, nonsatisfaction, painfulness, pitter-patter, repeated sounds, repetitiousness, repetitiveness, rhyme, routine, savorlessness, singsong, slant rhyme, spleen, stale repetition, staleness, tastelessness, tediousness, tiresomeness, trot, uncomfortableness, unease, uneasiness, unhappiness, unnecessary repetition, unpleasure, unsatisfaction, vapidity, vexation of spirit, wearisomeness, yawn




N weariness, defatigation, lassitude, drowsiness, disgust, nausea, loathing, sickness, satiety, taedium vitae, boredom, ennui, wearisomeness, tediousness, dull work, tedium, monotony, twice-told tale, bore, buttonholer, proser, wet blanket, pill, stiff, heavy hours, the enemy (time), wearying, wearing, wearisome, tiresome, irksome, uninteresting, stupid, bald, devoid of interest, dry, monotonous, dull, arid, tedious, humdrum, mortal, flat, prosy, prosing, slow, soporific, somniferous, disgusting, unenjoyed, weary, tired, drowsy, uninterested, flagging, used up, worn out, blase, life-weary, weary of life, sick of, wearily, usque ad nauseam, time hanging heavily on one's hands, toujours perdrix, crambe repetita.

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