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Slavn. [A word originally meaning, intelligible, and used to contrast the people so called with foreigners who spoke languages unintelligible to the Slavs; akin to OSlav. slovo a word, slava fame, Skr. to hear. Cf. Loud.].
     One of a race of people occupying a large part of Eastern and Northern Europe, including the Russians, Bulgarians, Roumanians, Servo-Croats, Slovenes, Poles, Czechs, Wends or Sorbs, Slovaks, etc.  [1913 Webster]


Slav, n. & adj.
--n. a member of a group of peoples in Central and Eastern Europe speaking Slavonic languages.
1 of or relating to the Slavs.
2 Slavonic.

Slavism n.
ME Sclave f. med.L Sclavus, late Gk Sklabos, & f. med.L Slavus

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