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Shawmn. [OE. shalmie, OF. chalemie; cf. F. chalumeau shawm, chaume haulm, stalk; all fr. L. calamus a reed, reed pipe. See Haulm, and cf. Calumet.].
     A wind instrument of music, formerly in use, supposed to have resembled either the clarinet or the hautboy in form.  Otway.  [1913 Webster]
    "Even from the shrillest shaum unto the cornamute."  [1913 Webster]


Shawm, n. Mus. a medieval double-reed wind instrument with a sharp penetrating tone.

ME f. OF chalemie, chalemel, chalemeaus (pl.), ult. f. L calamus f. Gk kalamos reed

Also see definition of "Shawm" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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