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     Sore; painful.  Ray.  [1913 Webster]
     One who sees.  Addison.  [1913 Webster]
Seern. [From See.].
     A person who foresees events; a prophet.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]


Seer, n.
1 a person who sees.
2 a prophet; a person who sees visions; a person of supposed supernatural insight esp. as regards the future.

Seer, n. an Indian (varying) measure of weight (about one kilogram) or liquid measure (about one litre).

Hindi ser



Cassandra, Don Quixote, Druid, Quixote, TV-viewer, astrologer, augur, authority, beholder, bird-watcher, bystander, calamity howler, clairvoyant, crystal gazer, daydreamer, divinator, diviner, divineress, doctor, dreamer, dreamer of dreams, drugstore cowboy, elder, elder statesman, enthusiast, escapist, eyewitness, forecaster, foreknower, foreseer, foreshower, foreteller, fortune-teller, fortuneteller, gaper, gazer, gazer-on, geomancer, girl-watcher, goggler, great soul, guru, haruspex, idealist, illuminate, intellect, intellectual, kibitzer, looker, looker-on, lotus-eater, lover of wisdom, mahatma, man of intellect, man of wisdom, mandarin, master, mastermind, mentor, observer, ogler, onlooker, oracle, palmist, perceiver, percipient, philosopher, predictor, prefigurer, presager, prognosticator, prophesier, prophet, prophet of doom, prophetess, psychic, pythoness, rabbi, religious prophets, rhapsodist, rishi, romancer, romantic, romanticist, sage, sapient, savant, scholar, seeress, sibyl, sidewalk superintendent, soothsayer, spectator, spectatress, spectatrix, starets, televiewer, television-viewer, thinker, utopian, utopianist, utopianizer, vates, video-gazer, viewer, visionary, watcher, weather prophet, wise man, wise old man, wishful thinker, witness




N veteran, old man, seer, patriarch, graybeard, grandfather, grandsire, grandam, gaffer, gammer, crone, pantaloon, sexagenarian, octogenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian, old stager, dotard, preadamite, Methuselah, Nestor, old Parr, elders, forefathers, superfluous lags the veteran on the stage.


N sorcerer, magician, thaumaturgist, theurgist, conjuror, necromancer, seer, wizard, witch, hoodoo, voodoo, fairy, lamia, hag, warlock, charmer, exorcist, mage, cunning man, medicine man, Shaman, figure flinger, ecstatica, medium, clairvoyant, fortune teller, mesmerist, deus ex machina, soothsayer, Katerfelto, Cagliostro, Mesmer, Rosicrucian, Circe, siren, weird sisters.


N madman, lunatic, maniac, bedlamite, candidate for Bedlam, raver, madcap, crazy, energumen, automaniac, monomaniac, dipsomaniac, kleptomaniac, hypochondriac (low spirits), crank, Tom o'Bedlam, dreamer, rhapsodist, seer, highflier, enthusiast, fanatic, fanatico, exalte, knight errant, Don Quixote, idiot.


N oracle, prophet, prophesier, seer, soothsayer, augur, fortune teller, crystal gazer, witch, geomancer, aruspex, aruspice, haruspice, haruspex, astrologer, star gazer, Sibyl, Python, Pythoness, Pythia, Pythian oracle, Delphian oracle, Monitor, Sphinx, Tiresias, Cassandra, Sibylline leaves, Zadkiel, Old Moore, sorcerer, interpreter, predictor, prognosticator, forecaster, weather forecaster, weatherman, a prophet is without honor in his own country, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the.

Also see definition of "Seer" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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