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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


Scarn. [OF. escare, F. eschare an eschar, a dry slough (cf. It. & Sp. escara), L. eschara, fr. Gr. hearth, fireplace, scab, eschar. Cf. Eschar.].
  •  A mark in the skin or flesh of an animal, made by a wound or ulcer, and remaining after the wound or ulcer is healed; a cicatrix; a mark left by a previous injury; a blemish; a disfigurement.  [1913 Webster]
    "This earth had the beauty of youth, . . . and not a wrinkle, scar, or fracture on all its body."  [1913 Webster]
  •  A mark left upon a stem or branch by the fall of a leaf, leaflet, or frond, or upon a seed by the separation of its support. See Illust. under Axillary.  [1913 Webster]
Scarv. t. 
     To mark with a scar or scars.  [1913 Webster]
    "Yet I'll not shed her blood;
    Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow.
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "His cheeks were deeply scarred."  [1913 Webster]
Scarv. i. 
     To form a scar.  [1913 Webster]
Scarn. [Scot. scar, scaur, Icel. sker a skerry, an isolated rock in the sea; akin to Dan. skiær, Sw. skär. Cf. Skerry.].
     An isolated or protruding rock; a steep, rocky eminence; a bare place on the side of a mountain or steep bank of earth.  [1913 Webster]
    "O sweet and far, from cliff and scar,
    The horns of Elfland faintly blowing.
    "  [1913 Webster]
Scarn. [L. scarus, a kind of fish, Gr. ska`ros.].
     A marine food fish, the scarus, or parrot fish.  [1913 Webster]


Scar, n. & v.
1 a usu. permanent mark on the skin left after the healing of a wound, burn, or sore.
2 the lasting effect of grief etc. on a person's character or disposition.
3 a mark left by damage etc. (the table bore many scars).
4 a mark left on the stem etc. of a plant by the fall of a leaf etc.
--v. (scarred, scarring)
1 tr. (esp. as scarred adj.) mark with a scar or scars (was scarred for life).
2 intr. heal over; form a scar.
3 tr. form a scar on.

scarless adj.
Scar, n. (also scaur) a steep craggy outcrop of a mountain or cliff.

ME f. ON sker low reef in the sea



birthmark, blackhead, blaze, blaze a trail, bleb, blemish, blister, blotch, bluff, brand, bulla, burn, caste mark, chalk, chalk up, check, check off, checkmark, cicatrix, cicatrize, cliff, comedo, crack, crag, crater, craze, cut, damage, dapple, dash, deface, defacement, defect, define, deform, deformation, deformity, delimit, demarcate, dent, discolor, discoloration, disfiguration, disfigure, disfigurement, distort, distortion, dot, earmark, engrave, engraving, escarpment, face, fault, flaw, fleck, flick, freckle, gash, graving, hack, hatch, hemangioma, hickey, impress, imprint, injure, injury, jot, keloid, kink, lentigo, line, macula, make a mark, mar, mark, mark off, mark out, marking, milium, mole, mottle, needle scar, nevus, nick, notch, palisade, palisades, patch, pencil, pepper, pimple, pit, pock, pockmark, point, polka dot, port-wine mark, port-wine stain, precipice, prick, print, punch, punctuate, puncture, pustule, riddle, rift, scab, scarification, scarify, scarp, score, scotch, scratch, scratching, seal, seam, sebaceous cyst, speck, speckle, splash, split, splotch, spot, stain, stamp, steep, stigma, stigmatize, strawberry mark, streak, striate, stripe, sty, tattoo, tattoo mark, tick, tick off, tittle, trace, track, twist, underline, underscore, verruca, vesicle, wale, wall, warp, wart, watermark, weal, welt, wen, whitehead, wound




N blemish, disfigurement, deformity, adactylism, flaw, defect, injury, spots on the sun, eyesore, stain, blot, spot, spottiness, speck, speckle, blur, tarnish, smudge, dirt, freckle, mole, macula, patch, blotch, birthmark, blobber lip, blubber lip, blain, maculation, scar, wem, pustule, whelk, excrescence, pimple, pitted, freckled, discolored, imperfect, blobber-lipped, bloodshot, injured.


N land, earth, ground, dry land, terra firma, continent, mainland, peninsula, chersonese, delta, tongue of land, neck of land, isthmus, oasis, promontory, highland, coast, shore, scar, strand, beach, playa, bank, lea, seaboard, seaside, seabank, seacoast, seabeach, ironbound coast, loom of the land, derelict, innings, alluvium, alluvion, ancon, riverbank, river bank, levee, soil, glebe, clay, loam, marl, cledge, chalk, gravel, mold, subsoil, clod, clot, rock, crag, acres, real estate, landsman, earthy, continental, midland, coastal, littoral, riparian, alluvial, terrene, landed, predial, territorial, geophilous, ripicolous, ashore, on shore, on land.


N record, trace, vestige, relic, remains, scar, cicatrix, footstep, footmark, footprint, pug, track mark, wake, trail, scent, piste, monument, hatchment, slab, tablet, trophy, achievement, obelisk, pillar, column, monolith, memorial, memento, testimonial, medal, commemoration, record, note, minute, register, registry, roll, cartulary, diptych, Domesday book, catalogue raisonne, entry, memorandum, indorsement, inscription, copy, duplicate, docket, notch, muniment, deed, document, deposition, proces verbal, affidavit, certificate, notebook, memorandum book, memo book, pocketbook, commonplace book, portfolio, pigeonholes, excerpta, adversaria, jottings, dottings, gazette, gazetteer, newspaper, daily, magazine, almanac, almanack, calendar, ephemeris, diary, log, journal, daybook, ledger, cashbook, petty cashbook, professional journal, scientific literature, the literature, primary literature, secondary literature, article, review article, archive, scroll, state paper, return, blue book, statistics, compte rendu, Acts of, Transactions of, Proceedings of, Hansard's Debates, chronicle, annals, legend, history, biography, Congressional Records, registration, registry, enrollment, inrollment, tabulation, entry, booking, signature, recorder, journalism, recording, tape recording, videotape, compact disk, floppy disk, diskette, hard disk, Winchester disk, read-only memory, ROM, write once read mostly memory, WORM, on record, exegi monumentum aere perennium, read their history in a nation's eyes, records that defy the tooth of time.

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