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Restorationn. [OE. restauracion, F. restauration, fr. L. restauratio. See Restore.].
  •  The act of restoring or bringing back to a former place, station, or condition; the fact of being restored; renewal; reëstablishment; as, the restoration of friendship between enemies; the restoration of peace after war.  [1913 Webster]
    "Behold the different climes agree,
    Rejoicing in thy restoration.
    "  [1913 Webster]
  •  The state of being restored; recovery of health, strength, etc.; as, restoration from sickness.  [1913 Webster]
  •  That which is restored or renewed.  [1913 Webster]
The restoration (Eng. Hist.), the return of King Charles II. in 1660, and the reëstablishment of monarchy. -- Universal restoration (Theol.), the final recovery of all men from sin and alienation from God to a state of happiness; universal salvation.
Syn. -- Recovery; replacement; renewal; renovation; redintegration; reinstatement; re'89stablishment; return; revival; restitution; reparation.


Restoration, n.
1 the act or an instance of restoring or being restored.
2 a model or drawing representing the supposed original form of an extinct animal, ruined building, etc.
3 a the re-establishment of a monarch etc. b the period of this.
4 (Restoration) hist. a (prec. by the) the re-establishment of Charles II as king of England in 1660. b (often attrib.) the literary period following this (Restoration comedy).

17th-c. alt. (after RESTORE) of restauration, ME f. OF restauration or LL restauratio (as RESTORE)



Great Leap Forward, about-face, advance, advancement, amelioration, amendment, ascent, backing, backsliding, bettering, betterment, boost, clearance, clearing, copy, destigmatization, destigmatizing, disenchantment, duplication, enhancement, enrichment, eugenics, euthenics, exculpation, explanation, extradition, flip-flop, fortification, furtherance, giving back, headway, imitation, improvement, justification, lapse, lift, melioration, mend, mending, palingenesis, pickup, preferment, progress, progression, promotion, purgation, purging, ransom, rationalization, re-creation, re-formation, rebirth, rebuilding, recapture, recidivation, recidivism, reclaiming, reclamation, recommitment, reconstitution, reconstruction, reconversion, recoup, recoupment, recovery, recuperation, reddition, redemption, redesign, redoing, reedition, reestablishment, refashioning, refurbishment, regainment, regeneration, regenesis, regress, regression, rehabilitation, reinstatement, reinstitution, reissue, rejuvenation, relapse, remaking, remand, remandment, remitter, renascence, rendition, renewal, renovation, reoccupation, reorganization, repair, repatriation, repetition, replevin, replevy, repossession, reprinting, reproduction, reshaping, restitution, restoring, restructuring, resumption, resurrection, retake, retaking, retrieval, retrieve, retrocession, retrogradation, retrogression, retroversion, return, returning, reversal, reverse, reversion, reverting, revindication, revision, revival, revulsion, rise, salvage, sending back, slipping back, trover, turn, turnabout, upbeat, uplift, upping, upswing, uptrend, upward mobility, vindication, vitaminization




N restoration, restoral, reinstatement, replacement, rehabilitation, reestablishment, reconstitution, reconstruction, reproduction, renovation, renewal, revival, revivessence, reviviscence, refreshment, resuscitation, reanimation, revivification, reviction, Phenix, reorganization, renaissance, second youth, rejuvenescence, new birth, regeneration, regeneracy, regenerateness, palingenesis, reconversion, redress, retrieval, reclamation, recovery, convalescence, resumption, resumption, sanativeness, recurrence, rechauffe, rifacimento, cure, recure, sanation, healing, redintegration, rectification, instauration, repair, reparation, remanufacture, recruiting, cicatrization, disinfection, tinkering, reaction, redemption, restitution, relief, tinker, cobbler, vis medicatrix, curableness, restored, redivivus, convalescent, in a fair way, none the worse, rejuvenated, restoring, restorative, recuperative, sanative, reparative, sanatory, reparatory, curative, remedial, restorable, recoverable, sanable, remediable, retrievable, curable, in statu quo, as you were, phr, revenons a nos moutons, medecin, gueris-toi toi- meme, vestigia nulla retrorsum.


N refreshment, bracing, recovery of strength, recuperation, restoration, revival, repair, refection, refocillation, refreshment, regalement, bait, relief, break, spell, refreshment stand, refreshments, ice cream, cold soda, soda pop, hot dogs (food), refreshing, recuperative, refreshed, untired, unwearied.


N restitution, return, rendition, reddition, restoration, reinvestment, recuperation, rehabilitation, reparation, atonement, compensation, indemnification, release, replevin, redemption, recovery, remitter, reversion, restoring, recuperative, suum cuique.


N reversion, return, revulsion, turning point, turn of the tide, status quo ante bellum, calm before a storm, alternation, inversion, recoil, retreat, regression, retrogression, restoration, relapse, recidivism, atavism, vicinism, reverting, regressive, revulsive, reactionary, retrorse, a rebours.


N reproduction, renovation, restoration, renewal, new edition, reprint, revival, regeneration, palingenesis, revivification, apotheosis, resuscitation, reanimation, resurrection, reappearance, regrowth, Phoenix, generation, multiplication, reproduced, renascent, reappearing, reproductive, suigenetic.

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