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Presciencen. [F. prescience, L. praescientia. See Prescient.].
     Knowledge of events before they take place; foresight.  [1913 Webster]
    "God's certain prescience of the volitions of moral agents."  [1913 Webster]




N foresight, prospicience, prevision, long- sightedness, anticipation, providence, forethought, forecast, predeliberation, presurmise, foregone conclusion, prudence, foreknowledge, prognosis, precognition, prescience, prenotion, presentiment, second sight, sagacity, antepast, prelibation, prophasis, prospect, foretaste, prospectus, foreseeing, prescient, farseeing, farsighted, sagacious, weatherwise, provident, prospective, against the time when, cernit omnia Deus vindex, mihi cura futuri, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

Also see definition of "Prescience" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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