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Onyxn. [L., fr. Gr. a claw, finger nail, a veined gem. See Nail, and cf. Onycha.].
  •  Chalcedony in parallel layers of different shades of color. It is used for making cameos, the figure being cut in one layer with the next as a ground.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Same as Mexican onyx.  [PJC]
  •  A deep jet-black color.  [PJC]
Onyx marble, Mexican onyx, a banded variety of marble or calcium carbonate resembling onyx. It is obtained from Mexico in various colors ranging from white to deep black.
     Deep, jet-black.  [PJC]


Onyx, n. a semiprecious variety of agate with different colours in layers.

onyx marble banded calcite etc. used as a decorative material.
ME f. OF oniche, onix f. L f. Gk onux fingernail, onyx




N jewel, jewelry, jewellery, bijoutry, bijou, bijouterie, trinket, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, junk jewelry, gem, gemstone, precious stone, necklace, bracelet, anklet, earring, locket, pendant, charm bracelet, ring, pinky ring, carcanet, chain, chatelaine, broach, pin, lapel pin, torque, diamond, brilliant, rock, beryl, emerald, chalcedony, agate, heliotrope, girasol, girasole, onyx, plasma, sard, sardonyx, garnet, lapis lazuli, opal, peridot, tourmaline, chrysolite, sapphire, ruby, synthetic ruby, spinel, spinelle, balais, oriental, oriental topaz, turquois, turquoise, zircon, cubic zirconia, jacinth, hyacinth, carbuncle, amethyst, alexandrite, cat's eye, bloodstone, hematite, jasper, moonstone, sunstone, pearl, cultured pearl, fresh-water pearl, mother of pearl, coral, jeweler, gemologist, minerologist, lapidary, lapidarian, gemology, gemmology, minerology, bejeweled, diamond, (gemstones), gemological.

Also see definition of "Onyx" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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