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Nolle Prosequi


Noun Phrase
nol=le pros=e=qui


Nolle Prosequi,  [L., to be unwilling to prosecute.].
     Will not prosecute; -- an entry on the record, denoting that a plaintiff discontinues his suit, or the attorney for the public a prosecution; either wholly, or as to some count, or as to some of several defendants.  [1913 Webster]


Nolle Prosequi, n. Law 1 the relinquishment by a plaintiff or prosecutor of all or part of a suit.
2 the entry of this on record.

L, = refuse to pursue


Nolle Prosequi


N relinquishment, abandonment, desertion, defection, secession, withdrawal, cave of Adullam, nolle prosequi, discontinuance, renunciation, abrogation, resignation, desuetude, cession, unpursued, relinquished, relinquishing, Int, avast!, aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben, entbehre gern was du nicht hast, relinquishment, abandonment, renunciation, expropriation, dereliction, cession, surrender, dispensation, quitclaim deed, resignation, riddance, derelict, foundling, jetsam, waif, discards, culls, rejects, garbage, refuse, rubbish, relinquished, cast off, derelict, unowned, unappropriated, unculled, left, Int, away with!.

Also see definition of "Nolle Prosequi" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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