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  •  One who makes, forms, or molds; a manufacturer; specifically, the Creator.  [1913 Webster]
    "The universal Maker we may praise."  [1913 Webster]
  •  The person who makes a promissory note.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One who writes verses; a poet.  [1913 Webster]
    " “The Greeks named the poet poihth`s, which name, as the most excellent, hath gone through other languages. It cometh of this word poiei^n, make; wherein, I know not whether by luck or wisdom, we Englishmen have met well the Greeks in calling him a maker.”"  Sir P. Sidney.  [1913 Webster]
To meet one's maker, to die.


Maker, n.
1 (often in comb.) a person or thing that makes.
2 (our, the , etc. Maker) God.
3 archaic a poet.



Meistersinger, Parnassian, actor, agent, ancestors, apprentice, arch-poet, architect, artificer, artisan, artist, artiste, author, bag maker, balance maker, ballad maker, balladmonger, bard, barrel maker, basket maker, beat poet, bed maker, beer maker, begetter, beginner, bell maker, bellows maker, belt maker, blanket maker, block maker, bobbin maker, bodice maker, body maker, bolt maker, bookmaker, bootmaker, bottle maker, bow maker, box maker, brake maker, bread maker, brickmaker, bridge maker, broom maker, brush maker, bucoliast, builder, bullet maker, butter maker, button maker, cabinetmaker, canvas maker, carpet maker, cart maker, casemaker, catalyst, causer, cement maker, chain maker, cheese maker, chest maker, chisel maker, clockmaker, clog maker, cloth maker, coach maker, coffin maker, collar maker, combmaker, conceiver, constructor, copyist, cord maker, coremaker, couch maker, cradle maker, craftsman, crate maker, creator, cup maker, dauber, daubster, designer, deviser, diemaker, discoverer, dish maker, doer, doll maker, door maker, dressmaker, effector, elegist, engenderer, engineer, epic poet, executant, executor, executrix, fabricator, father, fili, founder, generator, grower, hatmaker, idyllist, imagist, inaugurator, industrialist, initiator, inspirer, instigator, institutor, introducer, inventor, jongleur, journeyman, laureate, librettist, major poet, manufacturer, map maker, master, master craftsman, matchmaker, medium, minnesinger, minor poet, minstrel, modernist, mother, mover, occasional poet, odist, old master, operant, operative, operator, organizer, originator, parent, past master, pastoral poet, pastoralist, patriarch, performer, perpetrator, planner, poet, poet laureate, poetress, practitioner, precursor, prime mover, primum mobile, producer, raiser, realizer, rhapsode, rhapsodist, satirist, scop, shaper, shoemaker, sire, skald, smith, sonneteer, subject, symbolist, troubadour, trouveur, trovatore, vers libriste, vers-librist, watchmaker, worker, wright




N doer, actor, agent, performer, perpetrator, operator, executor, executrix, practitioner, worker, stager, bee, ant, working bee, termite, white ant, laboring oar, servant of all work, factotum, workman, artisan, craftsman, handicraftsman, mechanic, operative, working man, laboring man, demiurgus, hewers of wood and drawers of water, laborer, navvy, hand, man, day laborer, journeyman, charwoman, hack, mere tool, beast of burden, drudge, fag, lumper, roustabout, maker, artificer, artist, wright, manufacturer, architect, builder, mason, bricklayer, smith, forger, Vulcan, carpenter, ganger, platelayer, blacksmith, locksmith, sailmaker, wheelwright, machinist, mechanician, engineer, sempstress, semstress, seamstress, needlewoman, workwoman, tailor, cordwainer, minister, servant, representative, coworker, party to, participator in, particeps criminis, dramatis personae, personnel, quorum pars magna fui, faber est quisque fortunae suae.


N producer, originator, inventor, author, founder, generator, mover, architect, creator, prime mover, maker, prime mover.

Also see definition of "Maker" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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