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Jowln. [For older chole, chaul, AS. ceaft jaw. Cf. Chaps.].
     The cheek; the jaw.  [1913 Webster]
Cheek by jowl, with the cheeks close together; side by side; in close proximity. “I will go with thee cheek by jole.” Shak. “ Sits cheek by jowl.” Dryden.
Jowlv. t. 
     To throw, dash, or knock.  [1913 Webster]
    "How the knave jowls it to the ground."  [1913 Webster]


Jowl, n.
1 the jaw or jawbone.
2 the cheek (cheek by jowl).

-jowled adj. (in comb.).
Jowl, n.
1 the external loose skin on the throat or neck when prominent.
2 the dewlap of oxen, wattle of a bird, etc.

jowly adj.
ME cholle neck f. OE ceole



bank, bazoo, beam, border, broadside, chaps, cheek, chop, chops, coast, embouchure, flank, gab, gob, hand, handedness, haunch, hip, jaw, jaws, jowls, kisser, laterality, lips, mandibles, many-sidedness, maw, maxilla, mouth, mug, multilaterality, mush, muzzle, oral cavity, planking, premaxilla, profile, quarter, shore, side, siding, temple, trap, unilaterality, yap




N laterality, side, flank, quarter, lee, hand, cheek, jowl, jole, wing, profile, temple, parietes, loin, haunch, hip, beam, gable, gable end, broadside, lee side, points of the compass, East, Orient, Levant, West, orientation, lateral, sidelong, collateral, parietal, flanking, skirting, flanked, sideling, many sided, multilateral, bilateral, trilateral, quadrilateral, Eastern, orient, oriental, Levantine, Western, occidental, Hesperian, sideways, sidelong, broadside on, on one side, abreast, alongside, beside, aside, by the side of, side by side, cheek by jowl, to windward, to leeward, laterally, right and left, on her beam ends, his cheek the may of days outworn.

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