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  •  One who, or that which, grinds.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of the double teeth, used to grind or masticate the food; a molar.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The restless flycatcher (Seisura inquieta) of Australia; -- called also restless thrush and volatile thrush. It makes a noise like a scissors grinder, to which the name alludes.
  •  A submarine sandwich.  [PJC]
Grinder's asthma, Grinder's phthisis, or Grinder's rot (Med.), a lung disease produced by the mechanical irritation of the particles of steel and stone given off in the operation of grinding.


Grinder, n.
1 a person or thing that grinds, esp. a machine (often in comb.: coffee-grinder; organ-grinder).
2 a molar tooth.



BLT, Dagwood sandwich, Sloppy Joe, Swiss cheese sandwich, baby tooth, bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich, bicuspid, bucktooth, canape, canine, cheese grater, cheeseburger, comminutor, corned beef sandwich, crown, crusher, cuspid, cutter, deciduous tooth, dent, denticle, denticulation, dentil, dentition, dogtooth, double-decker sandwich, egg salad sandwich, eyetooth, fang, fore tooth, gagtooth, gang tooth, gold tooth, granulator, grater, grilled cheese sandwich, ham sandwich, hamburger, hoagy, hot dog, incisor, kominuter, levigator, masher, milk tooth, mill, millstone, molar, mortar and pestle, nutmeg grater, pastrami sandwich, peg, permanent tooth, pestle, pivot tooth, poor boy, premolar, pulverizer, quern, quernstone, rock crusher, roller, sandwich, scrivello, shredder, snag, snaggletooth, steamroller, submarine sandwich, tooth, triturator, tuna salad sandwich, tunaburger, tush, tusk, wisdom tooth




N powderiness, pulverulence, sandiness, efflorescence, friability, powder, dust, sand, shingle, sawdust, grit, meal, bran, flour, farina, rice, paddy, spore, sporule, crumb, seed, grain, particle, limature, filings, debris, detritus, tailings, talus slope, scobs, magistery, fine powder, flocculi, smoke, cloud of dust, cloud of sand, cloud of smoke, puff of smoke, volume of smoke, sand storm, dust storm, pulverization, comminution, attenuation, granulation, disintegration, subaction, contusion, trituration, levigation, abrasion, detrition, multure, limitation, tripsis, filing, mill, arrastra, gristmill, grater, rasp, file, mortar and pestle, nutmeg grater, teeth, grinder, grindstone, kern, quern, koniology, powdery, pulverulent, granular, mealy, floury, farinaceous, branny, furfuraceous, flocculent, dusty, sandy, sabulous, psammous, arenose, arenarious, arenaceous, gritty, efflorescent, impalpable, lentiginous, lepidote, sabuline, sporaceous, sporous, pulverizable, friable, crumbly, shivery, pulverized, attrite, in pieces.


N teacher, trainer, instructor, institutor, master, tutor, director, Corypheus, dry nurse, coach, grinder, crammer, don, governor, bear leader, governess, duenna, disciplinarian, professor, lecturer, reader, prelector, prolocutor, preacher, chalk talker, khoja, pastor, schoolmaster, dominie, usher, pedagogue, abecedarian, schoolmistress, dame, monitor, pupil teacher, expositor, preceptor, guide, guru, mentor, pioneer, apostle, missionary, propagandist, munshi, example, professorship, tutelage, professorial, qui doet discet.

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