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Adjective, Noun


Curta. [L. curtus; cf. Skr. kart to cut. Cf. Curtail.].
     Characterized by excessive brevity; short; rudely concise; as, curt limits; a curt answer.  [1913 Webster]
    "The curt, yet comprehensive reply."  [1913 Webster]


Curt, adj. noticeably or rudely brief.

curtly adv. curtness n.
L curtus cut short, abridged



Spartan, abbreviated, abridged, abrupt, aggressive, aposiopestic, bearish, beastly, bluff, blunt, brash, brief, brusque, cavalier, churlish, clipped, close, close-tongued, closemouthed, compact, compendious, compressed, concise, condensed, contracted, crisp, crusty, curtal, curtate, cut, decurtate, docked, dumb, economical of words, elliptic, epigrammatic, gnomic, gruff, harsh, imperious, indisposed to talk, instantaneous, laconic, little, low, mum, mute, peremptory, pithy, pointed, pruned, quiet, reserved, rough, rude, sententious, severe, sharp, short, short and sweet, shortened, silent, snappish, snippety, snippy, snug, sparing of words, speechless, succinct, summary, surly, synopsized, synoptic, taciturn, terse, tight, tight-lipped, to the point, tongue-tied, transient, truculent, truncated, unceremonious, unloquacious, untalkative, word-bound, wordless




N conciseness, brevity, the soul of wit, laconism, Tacitus, ellipsis, syncope, abridgment, compression, epitome, monostich, brunch word, portmanteau word, concise, brief, short, terse, close, to the point, exact, neat, compact, compressed, condensed, pointed, laconic, curt, pithy, trenchant, summary, pregnant, compendious, succinct, elliptical, epigrammatic, quaint, crisp, sententious, concisely, briefly, summarily, in brief, in short, in a word, in a few words, for shortness sake, to come to the point, to make a long story short, to cut the matter short, to be brief, it comes to this, the long and the short of it is, brevis esse laboro obscurus fio.


N taciturnity, silence, muteness, obmutescence, taciturnity, pauciloquy, costiveness, curtness, reserve, reticence, man of few words, silent, mute, mum, silent as a post, silent as a stone, silent as the grave, dumb, unconversable, taciturn, sparing of words, closetongued, costive, inconversable, curt, reserved, reticent, Int, shush!, tush!, silence!, mum!, hush!, chut!, hist!, tut!, chup!, mum's the word, keep your mouth shut!, cave quid dicis quando et cui, volto sciolto i pensieri stretti.


N shortness, brevity, littleness, a span, shortening, abbreviation, abbreviature, abridgment, concision, retrenchment, curtailment, decurtation, reduction, epitome, elision, ellipsis, conciseness, abridger, epitomist, epitomizer, short, brief, curt, compendious, compact, stubby, scrimp, shorn, stubbed, stumpy, thickset, pug, chunky, decurtate, retrousse, stocky, squab, squabby, squat, dumpy, little, curtailed of its fair proportions, short by, oblate, concise, summary, shortly, in short.

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