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Brann. [OE. bren, bran, OF. bren, F. bran, from Celtic; cf. Armor. brenn, Ir. bran, bran, chaff.].
  •  The broken coat of the seed of wheat, rye, or other cereal grain, separated from the flour or meal by sifting or bolting; the coarse, chaffy part of ground grain.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The European carrion crow.  [1913 Webster]


Bran, n. grain husks separated from the flour.

bran-tub Brit. a lucky dip with prizes concealed in bran.
ME f. OF. of unkn. orig.



air pollution, attritus, bark, barley, bird seed, capsule, case, cat food, chaff, chicken feed, chop, corn, corn shuck, cornhusk, cosmic dust, crumb, crumble, dog food, dust, dust ball, eatage, efflorescence, ensilage, fallout, farina, feed, filings, flour, fodder, forage, grain, grits, groats, hay, hull, husk, jacket, kittens, lint, mash, meal, oats, palea, pasturage, pasture, peel, pet food, pod, powder, provender, pussies, raspings, rind, sawdust, scratch, scratch feed, shell, shuck, silage, skin, slops, smut, soot, straw, swill, wheat




N powderiness, pulverulence, sandiness, efflorescence, friability, powder, dust, sand, shingle, sawdust, grit, meal, bran, flour, farina, rice, paddy, spore, sporule, crumb, seed, grain, particle, limature, filings, debris, detritus, tailings, talus slope, scobs, magistery, fine powder, flocculi, smoke, cloud of dust, cloud of sand, cloud of smoke, puff of smoke, volume of smoke, sand storm, dust storm, pulverization, comminution, attenuation, granulation, disintegration, subaction, contusion, trituration, levigation, abrasion, detrition, multure, limitation, tripsis, filing, mill, arrastra, gristmill, grater, rasp, file, mortar and pestle, nutmeg grater, teeth, grinder, grindstone, kern, quern, koniology, powdery, pulverulent, granular, mealy, floury, farinaceous, branny, furfuraceous, flocculent, dusty, sandy, sabulous, psammous, arenose, arenarious, arenaceous, gritty, efflorescent, impalpable, lentiginous, lepidote, sabuline, sporaceous, sporous, pulverizable, friable, crumbly, shivery, pulverized, attrite, in pieces.

Also see definition of "Bran" in Bible Study Dictionaries
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