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Bolen. [OE. bole, fr. Icel. bolr; akin to Sw. bål, Dan. bul, trunk, stem of a tree, G. bohle a thick plank or board; cf. LG. boll round. Cf. Bulge.].
     The trunk or stem of a tree, or that which is like it.  [1913 Webster]
    "Enormous elm-tree boles did stoop and lean."  [1913 Webster]
Bolen. [Etym. doubtful.].
     An aperture, with a wooden shutter, in the wall of a house, for giving, occasionally, air or light; also, a small closet.  [1913 Webster]
    "Open the bole wi'speed, that I may see if this be the right Lord Geraldin."  [1913 Webster]
     A measure. See Boll, n., 2.  Mortimer.  [1913 Webster]
Bolen. [Gr. a clod or lump of earth: cf. F. bol, and also L. bolus morsel. Cf. Bolus.].
  •  Any one of several varieties of friable earthy clay, usually colored more or less strongly red by oxide of iron, and used to color and adulterate various substances. It was formerly used in medicine. It is composed essentially of hydrous silicates of alumina, or more rarely of magnesia. See Clay, and Terra alba.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A bolus; a dose.  Coleridge.  [1913 Webster]
Armenian bole. See under Armenian. -- Bole Armoniac, or Armoniak, Armenian bole. [Obs.] Chaucer.


Bole, n. the stem or trunk of a tree.

Bole, n. fine compact earthy clay.




anthrophore, axis, barrel, cane, carpophore, cask, caudex, caulicle, caulis, column, culm, cylinder, cylindroid, drum, footstalk, funicule, funiculus, haulm, leafstalk, pedicel, peduncle, petiole, petiolule, petiolus, pillar, pipe, reed, roll, roller, rouleau, seedstalk, spear, spire, stalk, stem, stipe, stock, straw, tigella, trunk, tube




N whole, totality, integrity, totalness, entirety, ensemble, collectiveness, unity, completeness, indivisibility, indiscerptibility, integration, embodiment, integer, all, the whole, total, aggregate, one and all, gross amount, sum, sum total, tout ensemble, length and breadth of, Alpha and Omega, be all and end all, complex, complexus, lock stock and barrel, bulk, mass, lump, tissue, staple, body, compages, trunk, torso, bole, hull, hulk, skeleton greater part, major part, best part, principal part, main part, essential part, lion's share, Benjamin's mess, the long and the short, nearly, all, almost all, whole, total, integral, entire, complete, one, individual, unbroken, intact, uncut, undivided, unsevered, unclipped, uncropped, unshorn, seamless, undiminished, undemolished, undissolved, undestroyed, unbruised, indivisible, indissoluble, indissolvable, indiscerptible, wholesale, sweeping, comprehensive, wholly, altogether, totally, entirely, all, all in all, as a whole, wholesale, in a body, collectively, all put together, in the aggregate, in the lump, in the mass, in the gross, in the main, in the long run, en masse, as a body, on the whole, bodily, en bloc, in extenso, throughout, every inch, substantially, tout bien ou rien.

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