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Verb (usu participle), Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


Adjudicatev. t. [L. adjudicatus, p. p. of adjudicare. See Adjudge.].
     To adjudge; to try and determine, as a court; to settle by judicial decree.  [1913 Webster]
Adjudicatev. i. 
     To come to a judicial decision; as, the court adjudicated upon the case.  [1913 Webster]


Adjudicate, v.
1 intr. act as judge in a competition, court, tribunal, etc.
2 tr. a decide judicially regarding (a claim etc.). b (foll. by to be + compl.) pronounce (was adjudicated to be bankrupt).

adjudication n. adjudicative adj. adjudicator n.
L adjudicare (as AD-, judicare f. judex -icis judge)



account, adjudge, allow, arbitrate, be judicious, consider, count, deem, esteem, exercise judgment, express an opinion, form an opinion, hold, judge, pine, presume, referee, regard, suppose, think of, unique




VB go to law, appeal to the law, bring to justice, bring to trial, bring to the bar, put on trial, pull up, accuse, prefer a claim, file a claim, take the law of, inform against, serve with a writ, cite, apprehend, arraign, sue, prosecute, bring an action against, indict, impeach, attach, distrain, commit, arrest, summon, summons, give in charge, empanel a jury, implead, join issue, close the pleadings, set down for hearing, try, hear a cause, sit in judgment, adjudicate.


VB judge, conclude, come to a conclusion, draw a conclusion, arrive at a conclusion, ascertain, determine, make up one's mind, deduce, derive, gather, collect, draw an inference, make a deduction, weet, ween, form an estimate, estimate, appreciate, value, count, assess, rate, rank, account, regard, consider, think of, look upon, review, size up, settle, pass an opinion, give an opinion, decide, try, pronounce, rule, pass judgment, pass sentence, sentence, doom, find, give judgment, deliver judgment, adjudge, adjudicate, arbitrate, award, report, bring in a verdict, make absolute, set a question at rest, confirm, comment, criticize, kibitz, pass under review, investigate, hold the scales, sit in judgment, try judgment, hear a cause.

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