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-shipn. [OE. -schipe, AS. -scipe; akin to OFries. -skipe, OLG. -skepi, D. -schap, OHG. -scaf, G. -schaft. Cf. Shape, n., and Landscape.].
     A suffix denoting state, office, dignity, profession, or art; as in lordship, friendship, chancellorship, stewardship, horsemanship.  [1913 Webster]


-ship, suffix forming nouns denoting:
1 a quality or condition (friendship; hardship).
2 status, office, or honour (authorship; lordship).
3 a tenure of office (chairmanship).
4 a skill in a certain capacity (workmanship).
5 the collective individuals of a group (membership).

OE -scipe etc. f. Gmc

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