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the Geshurites

In Bible versions:

the Geshurites: NET
Asshurites: NET NIV
Ashuri: NIV
a people perhaps to be identified with Assyria or Asher (OS)
son of Dedan, grandson of Abraham and Keturah

liers in want; beholders


Strongs #0805: yrwva 'Ashuwriy or yrwva 'Ashshuwriy

Ashurites = "guided: blessed"

1) a tribe inhabiting the plain of Esdraelon

Asshuri = "steps"

n pr m
2) a tribe descended from Abraham and Keturah

805 'Ashuwriy ash-oo-ree'

or iAshshuwriy {ash-shoo-ree'}; from a patrial word of the
same form as 804; an Ashurite (collectively) or inhabitant of
Ashur, a district in Palestine:-Asshurim, Ashurites.
see HEBREW for 0804

Ashurites [EBD]

mentioned among those over whom Ish-bosheth was made king (2 Sam. 2:9).

Ashurites [NAVE]

(possibly Geshurites), 2 Sam. 2:9; Ezek. 27:6.

Asshurim [NAVE]

ASSHURIM, descendants of Dedan, Gen. 25:3.

Asshurites [NAVE]

See: Asshurim.


ASHURITES - ash'-ur-its (ha-'ashuri): According to the Massoretic Text of 2 Sam 2:9, a tribe included in the short-lived kingdom of Ish-bosheth, Saul's son. A slight textual correction gives "Asherites," that is, the tribe of Asher; with this the Targum of Jonathan agrees. The tribe of Asher lay where it would naturally fall to Ish-bosheth's kingdom. The reading "Geshurites" (Vulgate and Syriac) is excluded by the known independence Of Geshur at this time (2 Sam 3:3; 13:37). For similar reasons we cannot think of Assyria (Hebrew Asshur) nor of the Arabic Asshurim of Gen 25:3.


ASSHURIM - a-shoo'-rim ('ashshurim): Mentioned among the sons of Dedan, son of Jokshah, son of Abraham by Keturah (Gen 25:3).

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