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NAVE: Zoheleth
EBD: Zoheleth
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that creeps, slides, or draws

Zoheleth [EBD]

the serpent-stone, a rocky plateau near the centre of the village of Siloam, and near the fountain of En-rogel, to which the women of the village resort for water (1 Kings 1:5-9). Here Adonijah (q.v.) feasted all the royal princess except Solomon and the men who took part with him in his effort to succeed to the throne. While they were assembled here Solomon was proclaimed king, through the intervention of Nathan. On hearing this, adonijah fled and took refuge in the sanctuary (1 Kings 1:49-53). He was afterwards pardoned.

Zoheleth projects into or slightly over-hangs the Kidron valley. It is now called ez-Zehwell or Zahweileh.

Zoheleth [NAVE]

ZOHELETH, a stone near En-rogel, 1 Kin. 1:9.


(serpent), The stone, This was "by En-rogel," (1 Kings 1:9) and therefore, if En-rogel be the modern Um-ed-Deraj , this stone, "where Adonijah slew sheep and oxen," was in all likelihood not far from the well of the Virgin.

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