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HEBREW: 6859 htpu [email protected]
NAVE: Zephathah
EBD: Zephathah
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In Bible versions:

Zephathah: TEV
a valley leading down to the plains from the town of Mareshah


Strongs #06859: htpu [email protected]

Zephathah = "watch-tower"

1) a valley in western Judah

6859 Tsphathah tsef-aw'-thaw

the same as 6857; Tsephathah, a place in
see HEBREW for 06857

Zephathah [EBD]

a valley in the west of Judah, near Mareshah; the scene of Asa's conflict with Zerah the Ethiopian (2 Chr. 14:9-13). Identified with the Wady Safieh.

Zephathah [NAVE]

ZEPHATHAH, a valley W. of Judah, 2 Chr. 14:10.


(watch-tower), The valley of, the spot in which Asa joined battle with Zerah the Ethiopian. (2 Chronicles 14:10) only.

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