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NAVE: Zareth-shahar
EBD: Zareth-shahar
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Zareth-shahar [EBD]

the splendour of the dawn, a city "in the mount of the valley" (Josh. 13:19). It is identified with the ruins of Zara, near the mouth of the Wady Zerka Main, on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea, some 3 miles south of the Callirrhoe. Of this town but little remains. "A few broken basaltic columns and pieces of wall about 200 yards back from the shore, and a ruined fort rather nearer the sea, about the middle of the coast line of the plain, are all that are left" (Tristram's Land of Moab).

Zareth-shahar [NAVE]

ZARETH-SHAHAR, a city in Reuben, Josh. 13:19.

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