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HEBREW: 2157 Mzmz Zamzom or (plural) Mymzmz
NAVE: Zamzummites
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In Bible versions:

Zamzummites: NET NIV
Zamzummim: AVS NRSV TEV
Zamzummin: NASB
a tall people; early inhabitants of the land east of the Jordan


Strongs #02157: Mzmz Zamzom or (plural) Mymzmz

Zamzummims = "plotters"

1) the Ammonite name for the people who by others were called Rephaim,
and were described as a numerous nation of giants; perhaps the same
as 'Zuzim'

2157 Zamzom zam-zome'

from 2161; intriguing; a Zamzumite, or native tribe of
see HEBREW for 02161

Zamzummites [NAVE]

See: Zamzummims.


(Deuteronomy 2:20) only, the Ammonite name for the people who by others were called Rephaim. They are described as having originally been a powerful and numerous nation of giants. From a slight similarity between the two names, and from the mention of the Emim in connection with each, it is conjectured that the Zamzummim are identical with the Zuzim.


ZAMZUMMIM - zam-zum'-im (zam-zummim): A race of giants who inhabited the region East of the Jordan afterward occupied by the Ammonites who displaced them. They are identified with the Rephaim (Dt 2:20). They may be the same as the Zuzim mentioned in connection with the Rephaim in Gen 14:5.


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