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NAVE: Zaretan Zarthan
EBD: Zaretan Zarthan
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tribulation; perplexity

Zaretan [EBD]

When the Hebrews crossed the Jordan, as soon as the feet of the priests were dipped in the water, the flow of the stream was arrested. The point of arrest was the "city of Adam beside Zaretan," probably near Succoth, at the mouth of the Jabbok, some 30 miles up the river from where the people were encamped. There the water "stood and rose upon an heap." Thus the whole space of 30 miles of the river-bed was dry, that the tribes might pass over (Josh. 3:16, 17; comp. Ps. 104:3).

Zarthan [EBD]

a place near Succoth, in the plain of the Jordan, "in the clay ground," near which Hiram cast the brazen utensils for the temple (1 Kings 7:46); probably the same as Zartan. It is also called Zeredathah (2 Chr. 4:17). (See ZEREDA.)

Zaretan [NAVE]

ZARETAN, probably identical with Zartanah and Zarthan. A city of uncertain location, Josh. 3:16; 1 Kin. 4:12; 7:46.

Zarthan [NAVE]

See: Zaretan.


(Joshua 3:16)


  1. A place in the circle of Jordan, mentioned in connection with Succoth. (1 Kings 7:46)
  2. It is also named in the account of the passage of the Jordan by the Israelites, (Joshua 3:18) where the authorized Version has Zaretan.
  3. A place with the similar name of Zartanah. (1 Kings 4:12)
  4. Further, Zeredathah, named in (2 Chronicles 4:17) only in specifying the situation of the foundries for the brass-work of Solomon?s temple, is substituted for Zarthan; and this again is not impossibly identical with the Zererath of the story of Gideon. (Judges 7:22) All these spots agree in proximity to the Jordan, but beyond this we are absolutely at fault as to their position.


ZARTHAN - zar'-than (tsarethan): the King James Version in 1 Ki 7:46 for ZARETHAN (which see).

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