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NAVE: Yarn
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Yarn [EBD]

Found only in 1 Kings 10:28, 2 Chr. 1:16. The Heb. word mikveh, i.e., "a stringing together," so rendered, rather signifies a host, or company, or a string of horses. The Authorized Version has: "And Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn: the king's merchants received the linen yarn at a price;" but the Revised Version correctly renders: "And the horses which Solomon had were brought out of Egypt; the king's merchants received them in droves, each drove at a price."

Yarn [NAVE]

1 Kin. 10:28; 2 Chr. 1:16.
See: Weaving.


The notice of yarn is contained in an extremely obscure passage in (1 Kings 10:28; 2 Chronicles 1:16) The Hebrew Received Text is questionable. Gesenius gives the sense of "number" as applying equally to the merchants and the horses: "A band of the king?s merchants bought a drove (of horses) at a price."


YARN - yarn.


Also see definition of "Yarn" in Word Study

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