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NAVE: Wonderful
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Wonderful [NAVE]

WONDERFUL, a name of the Messiah, Isa. 9:6.
See Judg. 13:18.
See: Jesus, Names, Appellations, and Titles of.


WONDER; WONDERFUL - wun'-der, wun'-derful: The verb "wonder" occurs only a few times in the Old Testament; "wonder" as noun is much more frequent, and is chiefly the translation of the word mopheth, a splendid or conspicuous work, a "miracle" (Ex 4:21; 11:9, etc.), often conjoined with 'othoth, "signs" (Ex 7:3; Dt 6:22; 13:1,2; 34:11; Neh 9:10, etc.). Other frequent words are pala', pele', a "marvel," "miracle" (Ex 3:20; 15:11; Josh 3:5; Isa 9:6, margin "wonderful counselor," etc.). In the New Testament the ordinary verb is thaumazo, and the most frequent noun is teras, a "marvel," "portent," answering in its meaning to Hebrew pala'. As in the Old Testament the "wonder" is chiefly a miraculous work, so in the Gospels the feeling of wonder is chiefly drawn out by the marvelous displays of Christ's power and wisdom (Mt 15:31; Mk 6:51; Lk 4:22, etc.).

Wonderful, that which excites or calls forth wonder, is in the Old Testament chiefly the translation of pala' or pele' (2 Sam 1:26; Ps 40:3; Isa 28:29, etc.); in the New Testament of thaumasios (once, Mt 21:15).

For "wondered" in Lk 8:25; 11:14, the Revised Version (British and American) has "marvelled" (compare 9:43); in the Old Testament also "marvellous" frequently for "wondrous" etc. (1 Ch 16:9; , Job 9:10; Ps 96:3; 105:2).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Wonderful" in Word Study

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