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WATERCOURSE - wo'-ter-kors: (1) 'aphiq (Ezek 6:3; 31:12; 32:6; 34:13; 35:8; 36:4,6), the King James Version "river," elsewhere "stream," "channel," or "brook." (2) pelegh (Prov 21:1). "The king's heart is in the hand of Yahweh as the watercourses," the King James Version "rivers," elsewhere "streams" or "rivers." (3) yabhal, yibheley mayim, "watercourses" (English Versions of the Bible) (Isa 44:4); in Isa 30:25, English Versions of the Bible has "streams of water"; compare yubhal, "rivers" (Jer 17:8); yubhal, "Jubal" (Gen 4:21); 'ubhal, "the river Ulai" (Dan 8:2,3,6). (4) te`alah, "channel," the King James Version "watercourse" (Job 38:25); elsewhere "conduit," "the conduit of the upper pool" (2 Ki 18:17; Isa 7:3; 36:2). (5) tsinnor, "watercourse," the King James Version "gutter" (2 Sam 5:8).


Alfred Ely Day

Also see definition of "Watercourse" in Word Study

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