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NAVE: Vashni
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the second; changed; a tooth

Vashni [NAVE]

See: Joel, 1.


(strong), the first-born of Samuel as the text now stands. (1 Chronicles 6:28) (13); but in (1 Samuel 8:2) the name of his first-born is Joel. Most probably in the Chronicles the name of Joel has dropped out: and Vashni is a corruption of vesheni , and (the) second."


VASHNI - vash'-ni (washni, see below; the Septuagint's Codex Vaticanus Sanei; Codex Alexandrinus Sani): Read in 1 Ch 6:28 the King James Version (Hebrew 13) as the name of the firstborn son of Samuel. According to 1 Ch 6:33 (Hebrew 18) and 1 Sam 8:2, Samuel's oldest son was Joel, and the second Abijah. The explanation of this is that in 1 Ch 6:28 the word taken then as a proper name is really "and second"; so following Septuagint, Lucian, and Syriac we read (as the Revised Version (British and American)), "And the sons of Samuel: the first-born, Joel, and the second Abijah."

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