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HEBREW: 1025 qmeh tyb Beyth ha-`Emeq
NAVE: Beth-emek
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Valley of Emek

In Bible versions:

Valley of Emek: NET
Beth-Emek: AVS TEV
Beth Emek: NIV
Beth-emek: NRSV NASB
a town in Asher NE of Akko
Google Maps: Beth-emek (32° 58´, 35° 10´)


Strongs #01025: qmeh tyb Beyth ha-`Emeq

Beth-emek = "house of the valley"

1) a place on the border of Asher

1025 Beyth ha-`Emeq bayth haw-Ay'-mek

from 1004 and 6010 with the article interposed; house of the
valley; Beth-ha-Emek, a place in Palestine:-Beth- emek.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 06010

Beth-emek [NAVE]

BETH-EMEK, a city of Asher, Josh. 19:27.


BETH-EMEK - beth-e'-mek (beth ha-'emeq; Bethaemek, "house of the valley"): A town in the territory of Zebulun (Josh 19:27). It has not been identified, but must be sought somewhere East of Acre, not far from Kabul, the ancient Cabul.

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